Tomato Disease Fact Sheets

Bacterial Leaf Spot
M.L. Lewis & S.A. Miller

Bacterial leaf spot is caused by four species of Xanthomonas. It infects all varieties of tomato and in the Midwest it causes moderate to severe damage on tomato fruit making then nonmarketable due to quality issues. Symptoms include leaf lesions with yellowing and large crusty spots on the fruit. An integrated approach to disease management is essential to minimizing disease risk. Continue to fact sheet

Bacterial Canker
M.L. Lewis & S.A. Miller

Bacterial canker, caused by Clavibacter michiganensis subsp. michiganensis is a sporadic but serious tomato disease in the Midwest. Bacterial canker is a vascular disease and extremely difficult to manage once a plant is infected with the pathogen. Early recognition of the disease is essential to preventing disease spread. Symptoms include marginal leaf lesions with chlorosis, wilting and bird’s eye fruit spots. Continue to fact sheet

Bacterial Speck
M.L. Lewis & S.A. Miller

Bacterial speck is caused by Pseudomonas syringae pv. tomato. Although the disease can be problematic in the Midwest is has not caused significant damage in recent years. The bacterial pathogen favors cool and wet weather conditions. Leaf symptoms are similar to those of bacterial leaf spot. On the fruit, small, superficial spots begin to form on green fruit giving the fruit a black stippling appearance. The disease can be effectively managed by using integrated pest management strategies. Continue to fact sheet

Tomato Pith Necrosis
M.L. Lewis & S.A. Miller

Tomato pith necrosis is caused by soil-borne species of Pseudomonas and Pectobacterium caratovorum. Incidence of pith necrosis is increasing in the Midwest. The disease is associated with cool nighttime temperatures and high humidity and fertility. Symptoms include yellowing of young leaves, top wilting and stem splitting. Split stems are often hollow or filled with adventitious roots. Avoiding excessive levels of nitrogen is a key management strategy. Continue to fact sheet

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